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Ted Raimi

Name: Theodore Roosevelt Raimi
Birth: 14 Dezember 1965, Michigan Detroit
Height: 180 cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Siblings: 3 Brother, 1 Sister


I give no guarantee about this listing. I searched the www and this are the results.

2004Man with the screaming Brain (TV)Pavel
2004The IllusionIan
2004The GrudgeAlex
2004Tale from the Crapper (V)Bill Ferguson
2002Odyssey 5 "Trouble with Harry" (ep. 1.11)Harry Mudd
2002Pledge of AllegiancePhelps
2002Fatal Kiss (TV)Bob Reynolds
2001Invader ZIM (TV)(Voice) Holographic Marziod Head / Invader Skoodge (2002)
2001Boogeyman (V)Billy (Candyman)
2001Primtime Glick (TV)Piano Player / Maxy Ween
2001The Man Who Wasn't ThereNickolai Boven
2000The Attic ExpeditionsDr. Coffee
1995-2000Xena: Warrior Princess (TV) (various)Joxer, Harry, Roman Guard, Jace, Jett, Phillip
1999Growing SeasonDanny
1999Iggy Vile M.D. (TV) 
1999For Love Of The GameGallery Doorman
1999Freaks Talks About Sex / alt: Blowin' Smoke (DVD USA)Jackie's Husband
1998Hercules and Xena - (Animated Movie): Battle for Mount Olympu (V)Crius (Voice)
1998Hercules (TV) (various)Alex Kurtzman, Joxer
1997PathosThe Workaholic
1997Wishmaster / alt: Wes Craven's WishmasterEd Finney
1996American Gothic (TV) "Learning To Crawl" (ep. 1.17)Ted Parker
1996The ShotDetective Corelli
1996Apollo 11 (TV)Steve Bales
1995SkinnerDennis Skinner
1995Stuart Saves His FamilyHal
1994FlounderingSale Salesman
1994In This CornerInterviewer
1994Clear And Present DangerSatellite Analyst
1993Army Of DarknessCowardly Warrior/Second Supportive Villager/S-Mart Clerk
1993Born YesterdayCynthia's Assistant
1993Eddie PresleyScooter
1993SeaQuest DSV (TV)Lt. Tim O'Neill
1993Hard TargetMan On The Street
1992Baywatch (TV) "Rookie Of The Year" (ep. 3.4)Leonard
1992The Finishing TouchDetective Arnold
1992The Fountain ClownsHayden
1992Inside Out IV (V)(segment "Modivation")
1992Candymans FluchBilly
1992Patriot GameCIA Techniker
1991Twin Peaks (TV) "The Path To The Black Lodge" (ep. 2.20)Rusty, Heavy Metal Youth
1991Twin Peaks (TV) "Vacations And Relations" (ep. 2.19)Rusty, Heavy Metal Youth
1991Lunatics: A Love StorieHank Stone
1990Postcards From The Edge (uncredited) 
1989ALF (TV) "It's My Party" (ep. 4.13)Julius
1989Easy WheelsCharlie
1989ShockerPac Man
1988IntruderProduce Joe
1987Evil Dead IIPossessed Henrietta
1985Stryker's WarChain Man
1983Blood Rage 
1982The Evil DeadFake Shemp

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