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Kevin Smith

Name: Kevin Tod Smith
Birth: 19. März 1963, New Zealand Auckland
Death: 16. Februar 2002
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Children: Oscar, Tyrone and Willard
Marriage: 1984, Suzanne


I give no guarantee about this listing. I searched the www and this are the results.

1995 - 2001Xena: Warrior Princess (TV)Ares
1995 - 2000Hercules (TV)Ares, Iphicles, Jerry Patrick Brown
2001Lawless: Beyond Justice (TV)John Lawless
2000Lawless: Dead Evidence (TV)John Lawless
2000JubileeMax Seddon
1999Channelling BabyGeoff
1999Lawless (TV)John Lawless
1999Scared Scriptless (TV) 
1999Forbidden Island (TV)Sgt. Marks
1999Who's Line Is It Anyway? 
1998Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? (TV) 
1998Young Hercules (II) (TV)Ares
1998Kiwi Comedy Playhouse: Flatmates (TV)Scotty Brewers
1998Young Hercules (I) (TV)Ares, Pellas
1998Hercules and Xena - (Animated Movie): Battle for Mount OlympusAres (Voice)
1997Christmas In The Park (TV) 
1997Kiwi Comedy Playhouse: Double Booking (TV)Britt
1996The Adventures Of Sindbad (TV) "The Sacrifice" (ep. 2.1)Warrior
1996F/X: The Series (TV) "Vigilantes" (ep. 2.13)Ricky Delacruz
1996City Life (TV)Damon South
1995McLeod's Daughters (TV)Rod Morgan
1993Desperate RemediesLawrence Hayes
1991Away Laughing (TV)various Characters
1991Mon Desir 
 Marlin Bay 
 Shortland Street 
 Gloss III 
 McPhail and Gadsby 
 No Room In The Inn 
 Shark In The Park 
 Old Scores 
 Home Brew 

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