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Alexandra Tydings

Name: Alexandra Huntingdon Tydings
Birth: 15. Dezember 1972
Hometown: Washington DC
living in: Los Angeles
Height: 170 cm
Eyes: Bluegrey
Hair:Blond Again
Siblings: 4 Sister, 1 Brother


I give no guarantee about this listing. I searched the www and this are the results.

2001Anne Manx and the Ring of the MinotaurCharlotte Miller
2000Sheena (TV) "Treasure of Sienna Mende" (ep. 2.6)Elena
1995 - 2001Xena: Warrior Princess (TV)Aphrodite
1999Dodge's City (TV)Cricket
1995 - 1999Hercules: TLJ (TV)Aphrodite
1998Hercules and Xena - (Trick): The Battle for Mount OlympusAphrodite (Voice)
1998Hotel de SolNina
1997Party Of Five (TV) "Handicaps" (ep. 4.3)Kerry
1996Sunchaser, TheVictoria Reynolds
1995Red Shoe Diaries 7: Burning Up (TV)Lynn
1995Vanishing SunTina
1993Star Trek: DS Nine (TV) "The Visitor" (ep. 4.3) 
1993Walking on Sunshine 
1993AngstRebel Girl
1992Red Shoe Diaries (TV) "Love At First Sight" 

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