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Reneé O'Connor

Renee O'Connor Name: Evelyn Renee O'Connor
Birth: 15. Februar 1971, Houston Texas
raised in: Katy Texas
Parents: Sandra and Eddie Wilson
Siblings: None
Height: 169 cm
Hair: Reddishblond
Eyes: green
Children: Miles William Muir
Marriage: 14.10.2000 Steve Muir


I givr no guarantee about thi listing. I searched the www and these are the results.

1998Hercules and Xena - (Animated Movie): Battle for Mount OlympusGabrielle (Voice)
1995-2001Xena: Warrior Princess (TV)Gabrielle, Hope, Janice Covington
1995Hercules TLJ (TV) "For Those Of You Just Joining Us..." (ep. 5.9)Sunny Day
1995Hercules TLJ (TV) "Judgement Day" (ep. 3.15)Gabrielle
1995Follow the River (TV)Bettie Draper
1995Rockford Files: A Blessing In Disguise (TV)Laura Sue Dean
1994Hercules And The Lost Kingdom (TV)Deianeira
1994Darkman II: The Return Of DurantLaurie Brinkman
1993The Flood: Who Will Save Our Children? (TV)Leslie
1993Sworn To Vengeance (TV) 
1993Adventures Of Huck FinnJulia Wilks
1993NYPD Blue (TV) "Oscar, Meyer, Weiner" (ep. 1.10)Rebecca Sloane
1992Arresting Behavior (TV) 
1991Changes (TV), aka Danielle Steel's 'Changes'Jessica Adams
1991FBI: The Untold Stories (TV) "Millionaire Murderer"Tina Marie Risico
1991FBI: The Untold Stories (TV) "Blue Fiber"Officer Renee Lanot
1991Stone ColdTinselteeth
1990False IdentityAngela Errickson
1989Black SnowJennifer Winslow
1989Night GameLorraine Beasley
1989Teen Angel (TV)Nancy
1989Match Point (TV)Robin

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