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Claire Stansfield

Name: Claire Stansfield
Birth: London, England, 27. August 1968
raised in: Kanada, Toronto Ontario
Mother: German (Cologne)
Father: from England
Siblings: None
Height: 184 cm
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Marriage: ledig


I give no guarantee about this listing. I searched the www and this are the results.

1999The Lovely LeaveRegie
1999SweepersMichelle Flynn
1998Two of a Kind (TV) "Model Bahvior" (ep. 1.9)Tarah James
1995The Outpost aka Wes Cravens MindripperJoanne
1995-2001Xena: Warrior PrincessAlti
1995Cybill (TV) "Where's Zoey?" (ep. 2.14)Dolores<
1995Ned Stacey (TV) "Accountus Interruptus" (ep. 1.13)Jordan
1995Platypus Man (TV) "Lower East Side Story" (ep. 1.11)Rabbi Sarah Shulman
1994Gladiator Cop aka Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman IIJulie
1994Burning SensationPaula
1994Drop ZoneKara
1994The FavourMiranda
1993Frasier (TV) "Can't Buy Me Love" (ep. 1.14)Kristina
1993X-Files (TV) "The Jersey Devil" (ep. 1.4)The Jersey Devil
1993Best Of The Best IIGreta
1992Nervous TicksLu
1992Red Shoe Diaries (TV) "Bounty Hunter" 
1992Raven (TV) "Checkmate"Marta Kelsy
1991The DoorsEurosnob
1990The Flash (TV) "Alpha" (ep. 1.19)Cyborg Alpha
1990Twin Peaks (TV) "The Orchids Curse" (ep. 2.5)Sid, Judge Sternwoods Assistant
1990Twin Peaks (TV) "Laura's Secret Diary" (ep. 2.4)Sid, Judge Sternwoods Assistant

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