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Heidi Hudson Leick

Name: Hudson Heidi Leick
Birth: 9. Mai 1969, Cincinnati Ohio
raised in: Rochester, New York
Height: 178 cm
Hair: Dark Blond
Eyes: Grey-Blue
Children: None
Marriage: Single


I give no guarantee about this listing. I searched the www and this are the results.

2003Tru Calling "Pilot" (ep. 1.1)Rebecca Morgan
2003Lords of Everquest (VG)Lady Leisen
2003Primal (VG)(Voice) Jennifer 'Jen' Tate
2002Fastlane "101" (ep. 1.12)Randi
2001Cold Heart 
1995 - 2000Xena: Warrior Princess (TV)Callisto, Aleph
1999Chill FaktorVaughn
1999Safe Harbour (TV) "One More Time:The Great Escape" (ep. 1.1)Delores
1999Dangerous CargoCarla
1999Blood TypeTiffanie
1998After The GameGrace
19987th Heaven (TV) "Mary's Comeback" (ep. 2.15)Ms. Hunter
1997 - 1999Hercules: TLJ (TV)Callisto, Liz Friedman
1997Touched By An Angel (TV) "Labor Of Love" (ep. 3.19)Celeste
1997Touched By An Angel (TV) "The Angel Of Death" (ep. 3.17)Celeste
1996Hijacked: Flight 285 (TV)Shayna Loring
1995Melrose Place (TV) various episodesShelley Hanson
1994Metal Force: Apokalypse In L.A. (TV)Hannah
1993University Hospital (TV) entire SeriesTracy Stone
1993Law And Order (TV) "Black Tie" (ep. 4.5)Cathy Rogers
1991Sexual Considerations (TV) 

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