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The Story

(The contents of these description are from XWP and various FanFiction. The Informations about Xenas childhood indicated in the show are few, so I took some info's out of various FanFiction to round up the character of Xena.)

Xena of Amphipolis, Destroyer of Nations.

Xena was unlike other childs. Many years she thought her father left his family to be a warrior. She did know nothing about her father and so she dreamt of him as a strong and brave warrior who fight for law and order. She want to be like him, strong and brave, and a warrior to be proud of. With her younger brother Lyceus she did military excercises. They learned to use a sword and a bow. She defined her hand combat and acrobat skills. In younger years she used her skills to help the smaller childs against the bigger ones. She worked hard to be the best of the best and had a fast mind to solve problems. She used the weakness of the enemies against them. In a time were warlords and kings terrorized the land she had to learn to survive. Her village Amphipolis had to feed the warlords to live through their terror. A warlord named Cortese attacked her village many times and as Xena grew older she thought about how to defend her village against him. With her brother Lyceus and other young villains she organized a defence.

They were successful and fight back Cortese but many villains lost their life, Lyceus too. The remaining villains feared the revenge of Cortese and after a hearing with the eldest they banished Xena. Cyrene, Xenas mother, agreed with them cause of her grief about Lyceus death. Xena left Amphipolis with a handful of men and short after gathered other men to be her army. She raised a defense ring around her village and attacked other villages to force them to defence the line around Amphipolis. She fought against many warlords and kings and made a name of herself. Far from her first motivation she didn't realize that she becomes what she hoped to destroy... a warlord. Ares the god of war took Xena under his wings and teached her to be ruthless and cruel... he wanted her as his queen. A new Xena was born... Xena - Destroyer of Nations.

Xena a great warrior.... fearless, strong and dark. She was feared and hated. Greece... a land to small for a Warrior Princess. She raided most of Europe, Siberia and Chin. She fought on land and on water. She was in Japan and countries you never heard of. She was the one who captured Ceasar, the great general of Romes army. Shortly after his return to Rome he became Julius Caesar. Xena accepted his proposal to form an alliance between Caesar and Xena. She hoped with the help of Rome Amphipolis will be safe and she the emperoress of Rome. But Ceasar had other plans and betrayed Xena. He decided to crucify her as a warning for all other warlords and kings. Cause of M'Lila a roman slave Xena survived the crucification. Ceasar now was enemy number one. She now hoped to subdue all of greece to gather an army graeter than Caesars but there was one man who stood between her and her plans.... Hercules. She made Iolaus her friend and tried to use him against Hercules but her plan failed. Hercules saved his friend and opened Xenas eyes about her dark path with hatred and death. She understood that she had become what she wanted to fight... a dark warlord. She turned her back against Ares and her dark path. Now she tried to do good.

But Xena was not alone... there was Gabrielle of Potedaia. A young woman who captured Xena heart by her courage. Gabrielle and other women were captured by a warlord named Draco and should be sold as slaves. She didn't understand the hopeless situation and tried to persuade the warrior to let the other women free and to take her instead. Xena observed the scene out of her hiding place and fought against Draco's men to free the women. Gabrielle was stunned by Xenas fighting skills. She wanted to become a warrior by herself... strong, brave and fearless. Inspired by a travelling bard Xena was all what she had dreamt about. She left her family and village to travel through the land and help Xena to build a new reputation. She had good writing skills and dreamt of many adventures to write down on her scrolls. Little did she know....

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