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Xena Of Amphipolis - Six foot tall with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. With incredible strength, athletic body and a beauty it's a relief for sore eyes. Xena has many skills. She is a fighter and a master in hand combat and of many various weapons. Her knowledge of herbs and poison is legendar. She has a horse named Argo and her riding skills are absolutley stunning. Xena has seen many places and met interesting people all over the world. She also has a few friends but more enemies than you can count. Once a feared warlord and a believer in Ares, she now fights for the greater good. She can't undo what she had done in her past but she can try to build a new reputation, to help those who can't help themselves. She will have to go a long way to gain trust again. Not to be feared but respected, not to be hatred but loved. But on her journey to new adventures she is not alone. A trusted companion will be at her side. A companion that means more to her in the future than she now knows...

Gabrielle of Poteidaia - Five foot and four inches, with reddish blond hair and forest green eyes. A naive villain and believer in goodness of other people. She has great verbal skills and is a very talented bard. Her writing skills are legendar and she wrote many scrolls about the adventures of Xena - The Warrior Princess. Throughout her journey with Xena she learned to defense herself. Gabrielle is a great cook. She always believed in Xena and her fight for the greater good. Gabrielle is Xena's anchor to stay on the path of light. Gabrielle changed throughout their journey from the naive villain to a brave Amazon Queen. She has seen many evil thing but she never lose her faith in Xena and her skills to set things right again. And though she often denied the facts she herself was part of 'doing the right thing' herself...

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