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Xena helped Helena.

A long time it was thought that Troja was fictive and not a real city. Today we know that Troja was indeed real and its location was at the sound of the Dardanelles and that Troja controlled the access to the Black Sea. Because of a toll they demanded from the transients they gained wealth. Troja also named Ilion or Ilios (Homer) was, according to a legend, besieged by the greeks (Trojan war) and conquered at last by a fraud.

Since Calvert and Schliemann there are archeological excavations on the mound of Hisarlik. The earliest finds of Troja originated from the Bronze Age (ca. 3000 v. Chr.) to the "late antiquity". To this date more than nine settlement layers were found. Recently even traces of earlier settlement than the Bronze Age (ca. 5000 v. Chr.)

It is unknown if the Trojan War really was a real incident because to this date there is no evidence present. And it is also dubious which one of the many settlement layers is the Troja according to Homer.

The age of the layers are like this:
Troja I and II in the early Bronze Age; Troja III - V the middle Bronze Age, Troja VI - VIIa the late Bronze Age. Troja VIIb1 - b3 are dated to the early Iron Age. Troja VIII and IX are dated from the 8. century BC to the roman age.

Most likely Homers Troja is the layer VIIa. The violent end of Troja is dated approx. 1200 v. Chr.

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