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Village of Xena.
Athenian colony of strategic importance, near the fruitful Strymon vale and the Pangaion gold mines in Macedonia.

Neolithic Period - Archaeological finds from the mouth of the Strymon estuary show the presence of man (Eion) from as early as the Neolithic period on both banks of the river. The nearest Neolithic settlement to Amphipolis was discovered on a hill adjacent to the ancient city known as Hill 133

middle of 7. Jh. BC - At this time Amphipolis was known as Ennea Hodoi (Nine ways). The narrow region between the coast and Strymon was a important connection between Macedonia and Thrakis.

497 BC - The milesian tyrant Aristagoras had known the importance position and after his flight from the Persian King Dareios I. he tried to settle down, but the Eion killed him.

475 BC - the Athenian tried to conquer the region but their strategic leader Lystratos, Lykurgos and Kratinos weren't successful.

465/464 BC - 10 000 Settler were defeated near Drabeskos under the strategic leaders Leagros and Sophanes.

437 BC - Hagnon a commissioner of Perikles was successful in founding an Athenian colony. He named the colony Amphipolis cause the hill was floated by Strymon on three sides.

424/423 BC - The Spartanian General Brasidas conquered Amphipolis during the Peloponnesian War. During the 4th century BC, Amphipolis could keep their Independence between Athen, Macedonia, Sparta and teh Chaldice.

362 BC - Amphipolis got a macedonian occupation.

359 BC - Philipp II. of Macedonia declared the city to be free.

357 BC - Philipp II. occupied the city anew, pretending the city should given back to the Athenians in exchange for Pydna. Amphopolis was the starting-point of the campaign of Alexander the Great. The leaders of his fleet Nearchos, Laomedon und Androsthenes came from Amphipolis.

310 BC - Roxane, the widow of Alexander and her son Alexander IV. were killed by Diadoche Kassandros.

287 BC - Lysimachos were defeated by Demetrios Poliorketes near Amphipolis.

168 BC - The Romans under General Aemilius Paullus defeated the last Macedonian King Perseus. The Romans declared Amphipolis for capital of the first macedonian region, one of four regions. After the ascension of Thessalonice the glory of Amphipolis broke down. Therafter the city got the names Chrysupolis and Popolia. The Normans were defeated 1186 near Amphipolis, it was an important battle and freed Thessalonice from the Normans.

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