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Earliest archaeological finds are from the neolithic period.

10.-8. Century BC - First economical and cultural advancement.

630 BC - First records of Athenian history. The olympionike Kylon tried to seize autarchy.

624 BC - Drakon changed the law to restrict the right disposal of the aristocratics.

594 BC - The first significant statesman, Solon, enacted new laws. Among other thinks they led to riddance of peasants.

561-527 BC - Under the tyrant Peisistratos and his sons Hippias and Hipparchos, Athen experienced a further boom of political power.

566 BC - The first great Panathenian were hold. The winner in these athletic games received a amphore filled with oil.

514 BC - Hipparchos was murdered.

510 BC - As Hippias left Akropolis, the tyranny finally fell. The reforms of Kleisthenes followed. After restructuring of the attic citizenship, Kleisthenes prepared the development of the attic democracy. The political life of Athen took an important boom.

490 BC - The Persians were defeated near Marathon.

480 BC - The united fleet of greece defeated the Persians near Salamis and beat Xerxes' troops. Attica and Athen were destroyed.

479 BC - Rebuilding of Athen.

462 BC - The way of democracy was leveled.

451 BC - Perikles restricted the citizenship. Only citizens whose both parents were born in Attica has unrestricted rights.

445 BC - A 30 year non-aggression pact was made with Sparta.

447-406 BC - During these years georgeous buildings arose in Athen. Athen became a great fortress.

431 BC - The Peloponnesian war began.

404 BC - Athen surrendered.

403 BC - A political amnesty was arranged under Euklides.

399 BC - Sokrates fells by the Democrates.

394-386 BC - Athen took part in the coalition against Sparta during the Corinthian War. Athen never gained his political power back, but remained the cultural center of the antic world. Many philosophs made Athen their home.

368 BC - Platon founded his school, The acadamy, outside of Athen near the sanctuary of Academos.

338 BC - After the victors of Philipps, Macedonia took over the leadership of the Corinthian Union. Athen stayed autonomous but a free foreign policy was not possible.

335 BC - Aristoteles entered the scene.

323-22 BC - Lamian war. Athen couldn't free itself from the influence of Macedonia.

307 BC - Epikur relocated his academy to Athen.

300 BC - Zenon of Kition foundet his school at the northsite of Agora.

267-262 BC - Chremonidian war. Athen had to accept macedonian troops.

229 BC - Athen gained restrict autonomy.

86 BC - Athen was alliance partner of King Mithridates VI. of Pontos during the war against Rome. Athen was conquered and plundered by general Sulla. Athen kept his autonomy under the roman autorithy and persisted his cultural status.

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