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Village of Callisto.

also Krisa or Kirrha.

We all know that Callisto was born in Cirra. Unfortunately the information in XWP doesn't offer sufficient leads. There was a town named Krisa, which was in antic times changed by mistake or equated with Kirrha (what sounds like Cirra).

Krisa layed between Delphi and the Korinthian Gulf. The earliest archaeological finds are from 3rd Millennium BC near a hill westerly of the mouth of Pleistos near todays Kirrha. It was a harbor which was destroyed in middle-helladic times and after anew settlement in late mycenic times abandoned again.

It was said that Krisa has taken transit duty or robbed the pilgrims on their way to Delphi. This was the reason for the I. Holy War (600-590 BC), which endet in destroying of Krisa by the delphic defensive alliance. After that the region of Krisa was attached to the sanctuary of Delphi. Only the city of Kirrha was rebuild in 6th Century BC and served Delphi as harbor.

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