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Village of Gabrielle.

600 BC - Poteidaia was foundet of the isthmus of Pallene, the west finger of the Chalkidic peninsula.

480 BC - Poteidaia supplied troops for Xerxes army and was under siege by Artabazos but with no success.

479 BC - a unit fought side by side with the Korinthian army near Plataiai. As a member of the attic naval supremacy Poteidaia supplied ships. 450 BC they paid cash instead of ships.

433 BC - Athen demanded they should break up with Korinth, supply hostages and destroy their townwall.

432 BC - Poteidaia turns it back against Athen after months of negotiations between Athen, Korinth and Sparta. After this Poteidaia layed under siege by Athen.

430/429 BC - Surrender whith guarantee of free withdrawal. New settlement by Athenians and military base during the Pelopennesian War. After surrender of Athen the villains of Poteidaia got their city back.

382 BC - Poteidaia became a member of the Chalkidic alliance and served as a military base for the Spartan against Olynth.

364/363 BC - Poteidaia was token by Athen

356 BC - Philipp II. of Macedonia conquered Poteidaia and delivered it to the Olynthian.

316 BC - Kassandreia was founded by Diadoche Kassander, the villains are a mix from Poteidaians and Olynthians. From the beginning this new foundation was one of the importants cities of Macedonia.

298 BC - After the death of Kassander, Poteidaia often changed the possessor.

279 BC - The humble population revolted after the death of Ptolemaios Keraunos, it endet with a reign of terror by Apollodoros, leader of the revolt.

276 BC - after ten months of siege Antigonos Gonatas conquered the city. The city now was a member of the Macedonian Dynastie.

215-205 BC - Main harbor and arsenal during the I. Macedonian War.

199-169 BC - under siege by Romans.

269 - under siege by Goths.

539/40 - Slavs conquered the city and destroyed it.

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