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Pylos was found at the westcoast of the Peleponnes, on the cliff Koryphasion, at the north end of the bay of Navarino in Messenia.

The remaining ruins of this city, founded in the classic ancient times, were walls, a cistern and something that looks like a mole or a little dock at the south-east of the city.

The ruins of a house, a cave and a grave that were found also in the city seems to be build/use during the time of Nestor. Obviously a few tracks of a neolithian time period could be found but the main opinion is that the palace of Nestor was build 10km further up to the north near Ano Englianos.

Pylos was autonomous until the 2. Messenian war. After Pylos was conquered by the Spartans the population left the city and went to South-Italy where they founded a new city called Metapont.

The strategist Demosthenes took hold of the city as camp for the Athenian army during the Peleponnesian war whereas the Spartans made camp in the bay of the isle of Sphakteria. In the summer 425 BC the Spartans were besieged for 72 days by the Athenians and capitulated afterwards. It was not before 409 BC - the Spartans could conquer back Pylos. 365 BC - the Spartans again lost Pylos. This times to Epameinondas, who freed Messenia.

200 BC - Pylos is temporarily a member of the Achaic Alliance

1287-89 - Nikolaus II. of St. Omer, Prince of Morea, builds up the Kastell of Port de Jone on the ruins of Pylos.

1315 - Matilde, Daughter of Isabelle of Villehardouin gained the controll of the Kastell.

1381 - the Kastell was conquered by the latin emperor Jakob of Baux.

1423 - the Kastell was sold by the Prince of Achaia to Venice and after their capitulation 1500/1501 the Turks gained the ownership of the Kastell.

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