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Callisto - Father: Pankos, Mother: Arleia. The family died during an attack of Xenas army. The army attacked against Xenas order. Callisto got insane and thought that Xena was responsible. Callisto was the worst of Xenas enemies.
Alti - Shamaness in the Northern lands. She was evil to the bones and saw big power in Xena. With her, Alti could rule the world. Xena became Altis student. But then she left Alti and Alti tried to destroy Xena. They crossed ways in many timelines but Alti failed in her revenge every time.
Caesar - Father: Gaius Julius Caesar, Mother: Aurelia. Xena hoped to become an allie of Ceasar to protect Amphipolis. But Ceasar had other plans for her. After his betrayal Xena searched for revenge.
Draco - Warlord. In Xenas past he and she were on the same side. But after her change they became enemies. Because of Cupids son he fell in love with Gabrielle.
Ming Tien - Son of Lao Ma and Ming Tzu. Influenced by Xenas dark side in her younger years he grows up to be a ruthless tyrant.
Najara - Follower of the Light. Her companion was an invincible entity named Djinn. She pretended to believe of the Good in Human Nature but her methods to convince bad people were very questionable. Gabrielle was charmed by her.
  Cortese - A dark warlord. In Xenas younger years he was the one who attacked Amphipolis every time he was there. Because of him Xena defended her village and after that changed to: Xena - Destroyer of nations.

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