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Cyrene - Xenas Mother, she killed her husband as he tried to kill Xena when she was a little child. She abandoned Xena as Lyceus died during their defence of Amphipolis.
Lyceus - The younger brother of Xena. He was not only her brother but her best friend. As he died something in Xena died as well.
Toris - Oldest brother of Xena. He was a coward and didn't defended Amphipolis. Xena never understood his motives.
Eve/Livia - Xenas daughter. A gift from Callisto to Xena. Her destiny: to end the time of gods. Seperated from Xena and raised in Rome by Octavian she becomes a ruthless hunter of the followers of Eli.
Atrius - The man who seems to be Xenas father. But there were rumors that Ares is the right one.
Solan - Xenas Son. His father was Borias. After his birth Xena gave him to the centaurs to honor his father and save his life. He shouldn't grow up on a battlefield. He died because of Gabrielles evil daughter Hope.
Hecuba - Gabrielles Mother. A normal greek woman. There is FanFic who says otherwise.
Herodotus - Gabrielles Father. Here were rumors too, that he wasn't the real father but Apollo.
Lilla - Gabrielles Sister. There is not much to say about this one.
Perdicus - Boyfriend and youth love of Gabrielle. They were married for one day. After their wedding night he was killed by Callisto.
Hope - Gabrielles evil Daughter. The father is Dahak. Because of her Solan died.

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