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Aphrodite - Goddess of love. Friend of Gabrielle and Xena. She helped them many times. Though many gods died because of Xena she never doubted them. She was once saved by them.
Ares - God of war. After Xena turned her back against him he tried to win Xena back with many dirty tricks. In his eyes Xena was the best warrior he had ever known. He wanted Xena to be his goddess of war. For Xena he gave up his godhood. There are rumours that he is Xenas father.
Celeste - Goddess of death and Hades sister. Without her no human can die. Xena helped her once.
Hera - Goddess of marriage. She is not a friend of Xena because of her friendship with Hercules. But in the end Hera stood up against Zeus and helped Xena at last.
Bacchus - God of wine. He dreamt of Xena by his side. One day it became true but only for short and it was not good for him either.
Athene - Goddess of wisdom and war. She is not a friend of Xena and Gabrielle but not an enemy either. This changed by destroying the gods. Only in various FanFic she is a friend of Xena and Gabrielle. In some FanFic Xena is her chosen one.
Hades - God of the underworld. Xena helped him more than once. There are rumours that he and not Ares maybe the father of Xena.
Hephaistos - God of fire. It was said the first chakram was made by him.
Apollo - God of medicine and prophecy. In few FF they said he was the real father of Gabrielle.
Discordia - Goddess of chaos. As far as I know she was never mentioned in greek myths.
Artemis - Goddess of the moon and amazons. Gabrielle is her chosen one. But this was mentioned only in FF. She barely showed up in the show mostly in FanFic.
Poseidon - God of seas and earthquakes. He is Xenas enemy cause she helped Prometheus and Cecrops who were cursed by him.
Zeus - Godfather. He is not a friend of Xena either. His time had come as Eve was born. He died by the hands of Hercules.
Dahak - Dark God. An evil demon. Seems to be an own creation by the show. Through Gabrielle he tried to bring chaos and death to the human world.

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