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Herkules - Son of Zeus and good friend of Xena and Gabrielle. He was the last trigger for Xena to change her life. First enemies than allies and at last friends. There was a moment they had to decide to be lovers instead of friends but they chose friendship. Together they managed it through dangerous adventures.
Autolycus - King of the Thiefs and a good friend of Xena and Gabrielle. Nothing was save from his subtle fingers. He had a good stagecraft and verbal skills. In the greek mythology he was the god of thiefs.
Iolaus - Friend of Hercules but at First not of Xena. He was in Love with her once but realised that she used him to get Hercules. If Hercules was dead then there were nobody to stop her from conquering greek and after that the whole world. But Xena saved his life once and so he accepted her friendship.
Salmoneus - the first salesman for merchandising and other stuff. He tend to use any opportunity to make profit. But he often was useful for Xena and Gabrielle.
Borias - Companion and Lover of Xena during her dark past. He is the father of Solan. He was a respected Warrior, fearless and fair. He tried to tame Xena and to show her the way of a Warrior. He died through the sword of one of his own Warriors.
Markus - He was a Warrior and Xenas first 'true' Love. He failed to follow Xena and change his life. After years they met and he helped Xena for the greater good. At last he changed sides but it costs his life.
Joxer - Has two Brothers. Jett an Assassin and Jace an Entertainer. Joxer is a wannabe Warrior with a good Heart. He worships Xena and is in Love with Gabrielle. His skills with a sword are not worth a word. He is a klutz and looks like a clown. Always good for a joke.
M´Lila - She was a roman slave and teached Xena the Pinch technique. After the betrayal by Caesar M'Lila was the one who rescued Xena from Crucifixion. M'Lila was murdered by roman soldiers as she tried to save Xenas Life.
Lao Ma - Emperoress in Chin. She was the mother of Ming Tien. Lao Ma hid Xena in her house cause Ming Tzu tried to kill Xena for her actions against his son. But Lao Ma did more... not only she rescued Xena from death but also healed her soul. This was one of the turning points in Xenas life... if not the most important..
Kaleipus - Centaur. He and Xena were enemies for a long time but in memory of Borias he accepted Solan and raised him as his own son. Later they were allies.
Eli - He came from India and was an enunciator of Love and Peace. In his opinion not War but Love is the answer of all disagreements. Gabrielle obeyed his call and was his student. For her he was the answer of all her questions.
Boadiccea - A celtic warrior. And once a friend of Xena. After Xenas betrayal they were enemies but she accepted Xenas help to defend Britannia against Ceasar.

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