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Greek MythologyMythwebGreece Mythology, very good sorted.
Greek MythologyLateinforumMore information about roman history than greece. But there are pages with greece ythology too. Only german.
Greek MythologyMythology ProjectA very good Site. With Pics, family tree, Biographies
Greek MythologyMyths & LegendsA site with mythology you ever heard of. Many links too.
North MythologyNordische MythologieInformative Site about nordic gods. Site under construction. Only german.
North MythologyNordische MythenA nordic mythology site. Very good. The abc changes to runes if you go over it with your mouse. Only german.
North MythologyNordische LinksA site with many mythology links.
Misc. MythologyKatjas Mystik PageThis site is about mythology too. Only german.
Greek Mythology& the TheaterGreeks and their Theater. Very interesting read. Go and see yourself

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