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Div. LinksFTSV Lorbeer 1896My Soccer Club. Here I play soccer and coaches a girl team. Take a look. Beware, it's only in german this time.
Div. LinksFrauenfussball Link-ArchivThis is a soccer page with many links to soccer clubs in germany. You will find links from clubs with women or girl teams only. There are international links too. This site is in german.
Div. LinksMysterious WomenAn online magazin for women, with many themes. Only german.
Div. LinksRoland WolfThis is a site of a sculptor in Hamburg germany. He makes ironic and erotic wood sculptures. Only german.
Div. LinksUniversum BremenScience for all! You can touch and try everything. When you are in germany you have to visit it.
Div. LinksStadt HamburgHomepage of my city. Information for Hamburgers and Visitors.
Div. LinksHamburg TourismusAnother Information page about Hamburg.
Div. LinksHamburg MagazinHere you can find many Information how about you can spend your time in Hamburg.
Div. LinksHamburg MuseenIf you like culture, science and history, take a look on this page. A lot of links for people who likes museums.
Div. LinksBremen TourismusBremen is not a pretty city but there is a lot to see for science fans.

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