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About Me

Here comes a few lines about me. My name is Gabriele and I was born in Hamburg 1964. Hamburg is a city in north germany, one hour from the northern sea or two from Denmark. I think Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. I'm very proud to be a true Hamburger and no Quiddje (the name for people who were not born in Hamburg, second generation). If my many hobbies don't occupy me too much I spend my free time at the rivers Elbe or the Alster. I discovered my interest in computing very late but since then I can't get enough about this stuff ;-))

I love to watch TV. My favorite TV-Shows are Xena, Voyager, X-Files, CSI and Dark Angel. I love Action Movies and all kinds of SciFi and Fantasy. I like to watch science shows about the human evolution and about the lifestyle of many kinds of animals. I read a lot (most of my free time) and play soccer.

Many of my free time I spend with my PC and all you can do around it. I assembled many PCs (most for my friends) and I like to test programs (as a user I think its horrible how many programs are not user friendly, hey! this is a hint for you programmers! Think about it!). At the moment my main interest lay in Internet and Co. I learned a little bit about HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and I like to learn more about SQL. I'm was lateral hire in a little IT-Company but now I'm working in my learned profession: a technical drawer. All my knowledge about Computer I got from learning by doing.

I put up some pics about me and things of interest.

If you like it, let me know. Click on the links to the left.

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