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Hello Folks!

On this site I would like to introduce things, that are of interest for you (I hope). This can be links, articles, events, shopping ideas or other stuff I tried out. Most of this stuff I write, is my own opinion. If you think this stuff offends you, don't read any further. Hit the Back button or leave my site or go to another section. Further I hope you will help me build this section. I think there are many themes who are of interest for other visitor of my site. How you live in your country or what you can do for entertainment.

If you like to write some stuff (maybe with some pics), I will put it on my site (send it per mail as doc file or html). Don't forget to put your name in the file and the sources if the text or the pics are not your own.

I could use your help with the name of this section too, cause I think 'Entertainment' is not the right word for this section. If you have another name for it, please mail me. The first article is ready too, it's about an indoor entertainment park in Bremen germany. Have fun reading it.


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