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In the beginning there was ice and fire. Nilfheim with frost and fog and Muspellsheim with an ocean of blazing flames. Between them was Ginnungagap the great, wide void. In Nilfheim was a well named Hwergelmir, and out of him poured twelve currents into the void and because of the cold of Nilfheim they froze to ice and snow. But because of the heat of Muspellsheim ice and snow began to melt. Formed by the cold but awaken by the heat, a strange creature began to live. A giant: Ymir.

Besides Ymir another creature was given life: a giant cow with udder and cornets. Her name was Audhumla. From her udder ran milk in mighty rivulets that Ymir nourished from. Audhumla licked the ice blocks that were lying around everywhere because they had a salty taste. And as she licked the ice blocks suddenly human hair appeared. The next day as she licked the ice block a human head with a face appeared and on the third day a whole human body was freed. A man, tall and beautiful. Buri was his name - and from him the gods came: the Asen.

The giant Ymir produced children from himself. As he slept he began to sweat... and there under his left arm a man and a woman began to grow. Then his feet began to mate and a son with 6 heads was born. This was the beginning of the Hrimthursen, the Trolls and Giants.

Buri got a son named Bur who married the Giantess Bestla. Bur and Bestla got three sons: Odin, Wili und We, thus the Asen were born. Odin married Frigg and with her he procreated three childs: Balder, Hödur, and Hermodur. With Jörd he procreated Thor and with the nine daughters of Aegirs he fathered Heimdall. Njörd, the leader of the Vanen and god of wind and sea fathered Freyr and Freyja. Loki is the son of the giant Farbauti and Laufey. Tyr is either the son of Odin and Frigga or the son of the giant Hymir. The goddess Hel is the daughter of the giantess Angrboda and Loki.

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